Jim Boulden is a highly experienced broadcaster and journalist, including nearly 20 years for CNN International in London as a business writer and correspondent.

Jim is now offering media training for anyone who has to face the daunting task of appearing before a camera, radio mike or through Skype.

He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East covering the major business stories of our time.

Emphasising the practical and tailoring the course to the specific need of an individual or small group, Boulden will reveal the real world needs and constraints of the journalist by taking you behind the scenes of a busy newsroom.

You are what the journalist needs, and you must grab the interview as an opportunity to promote and protect your brand.

Many people are overly media-trained, or not trained enough. Neither looks commanding when it comes to appearing on tv or radio.

Jim Boulden – Business Correspondent and Broadcast Media Trainer.

Fresh off 20 years at CNN at its main international bureau in London, Jim Boulden produced and presented live broadcasts and breaking news scenarios, from the studio to the street, and fronted pre-packaged news reports on a range of topics from business news to terrorism to the rise of high tech and social media.

Jim brings up to date practical experience to get your message across whether its through digital media, radio or television. The key is to stick to your message and not let the technology or the needs of the journalist to blur the message you want to convey.

With behind the scenes real world examples, Jim explains how to prepare for the interview depending on the medium, how to relax and be confident, what the technology and terminology means.

From the live interview over the phone, to the pre recorded sound bite in your boardroom, to the bewildering process of going live in a brightly lit studio with an earpiece, you will learn the tricks and the skills to remain effective.

The media landscape has changed beyond measure in the past five years. Social media, drones, more personalized stories, the desire to convey your message to your audience one-on-one, Jim will give you the confidence and skills to transverse this landscape whether it’s for a crisis interview or a soft feature.