Jim interviewed our CEO a few times at major events. As an interviewer, Jim made our CEO feel both comfortable and challenged. No easy questions, but no jerky ones either. We also watched him on-air and as a host, I found him capable, trustworthy, and engaging: all the right qualities for a presenter and now, a coach!

Dodi Axelson

Head of Internal Communications - Ericsson Latin

I've worked with Jim on various stories over the years - from £multi-bn deal announcements to the death of the VCR. Running UK production for a global news organisation Jim had to blend the imperatives of news with a sensitivity for local cultural nuance and the complexity of stories that were not going to easily fit into a two minute slot. He managed to achieve this every time. All business leaders are global business leaders these days. Borders are translucent. If you’re looking for a media trainer with a mind alive to these sensitivities and opportunities, Jim Boulden is your man

Hamish Thompson

Managing Director - HOUSTON PR

Jim is one of the most talented journalists I have worked with. He thoroughly researches his stories and has a knack of being able to explain complex issues in a thoughtful, engaging and visual way. Jim has the ability to be both personable and tough - a difficult mix - and knows how to get the best out of the people he is interviewing. Whilst at CNN, Jim consistently delivered strong and relevant content and always enjoyed a good debate. Jim has a positive attitude and a drive to get the job done. I found him an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sonia Sequeira

Former Executive Producer, CNN - Pr Executive

The great thing about interviews with Jim,regardless of whether we were in the studio or out on location in places like Barcelona and Dublin, was his ability to put my clients at ease before an interview, and then to help them tell their story. He has the ability to challenge, but in a way that helps to tease out the things that most important for the audience to hear.

Kevin Taylor

Founder, Robertson Taylor PR

Maintaining the balance between editorial Integrity and decency is a tough task especially in these straightened times of ever tighter deadlines. Jim combines these two traits with ease. He's tough when he needs to be but he also has an easy charm. These characteristics have made him highly respected and much liked in the notoriously harsh international media community. I have always enjoyed working with Jim and I expect and hope I will be working with him again in the future.

Adrian Smith

Former CNN colleague/Executive Producer - ThePeloton Media.

Jim's greatest strength is his versatility - which is the measure of all respected international broadcasters. He has a real gift for getting to the crux of a story - including those rooted in complex technology. I have worked with a lot of business journalists over the past twelve years, and Jim is one of the best.

Paul Nolan

Director - CC Group